Edmark Power 4 (P4) Healthy Slimming Program– A Sure Way to Lose Weight

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The best way to lose weight is to eat less calorie food, have a proper nutritional diet and exercise. This will cut unnecessary fat and maintain the body’s ideal weight. That’s where the Edmark Power 4 (P4) Healthy Slimming Program comes in!

  • Lose Weight in 2 Weeks
  • No Heavy Exercise or Surgeries
  • Feel better, Sleep better, Look better
  • More Energetic and Better Complexion
  • Get back your Health Naturally
  • No medical Supervision and Easy to Use

The Edmark weight loss program is a 3-week holistic approach to losing weight in a natural, effective way with no side effects. The Weight Loss program will be achieved in 4 easy steps as explained below with the Edmark healthy Living products.

All products needed for the 3 week programme will be contained in the kit. The Edmark Slimming Kit consist of the following:

  • 2 Boxes of Shakeoff
  • 2 Boxes of Meal Replacement Therapy
  • 2 Bottles of Splina Liquid Chlorophyll
  • 1 Box of Ginseng Coffee,
  • 1 Box of Red Yeast Coffee,
  • Shaker Cup
  • Relevant Literature.

STEP 1 – DETOXIFY WITH SHAKE OFF PHYTO FIBER – Fast, effective and convenient way to eliminate congested waste matter from your body. prevents constipation and colon cancer. Acts like a sponge that absorbs cholesterol and fats thus reduce your body weight. The will be used for the first 7 days.

STEP 2 – BURN FAT AND NOURISH WITH MEAL REPLACEMENT THERAPY COMPLEX (MRT) – Safe, effective and fast results in reducing obesity to maintain a slender and healthy figure. Burns fats and at the same time contains a complete range of vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids to maintain high energy level. How EDMARK MRT works for Weight Loss program: MRT replaces your meal while losing weight. As a result of a controlled level of carbohydrates taken over a few days, the body will experience a shortage of glucose, the most desired fuel in the body. Our body will begin to turn to glycogen store for energy. Once these stores deplete, it will start to seek alternative fuel in the body. Our body will then turn to fats stored as emergency supplies in the body, with the aid of the liver, and convert it to the energy that the body needs. You then lose weight, Stay Fit and then you Feel great!!!

STEP 3 – BALANCE AND CLEANSE WITH SPLINA LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL – Helps balance the acid-alkalinity level in your body and energizes the cells with more oxygen. Liquid Chlorophyll possesses 3 main functions; cleansing, balancing, and nourishing. These enable us to have a stronger body and better health while losing weight.

STEP 4 – REJUVENATE WITH GINSENG CAFE & RED YEAST COFFEE – Helps in the body’s overall rejuvenation, Energy booster, Helps in blood circulation and reduces bad cholesterol while losing weight. The Nafdac Number for Shakeoff is A1-4194, MRT is A1-4193, Splina is A1-4195, Red yeast coffee is A1-4192, Ginseng coffee is A1-4196. Manufactured under GMP, HACC and ISO 22000:2005


SHAKE OFF – Pour content (one sachet) in a shaker with a lid, add cold or ordinary water (300 ml) at room temperature, cover lid and shake immediately and drink immediately (Do not exceed 15 seconds to prepare and drink all content) Drink more water (300ml).

* MRT – Pour content (one sachet) in a shaker, add 300ml cold or ordinary water at room temperature, cover lid, and shake well before drinking. (More refreshing with cold water).

SPLINA LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL – Add a shot or one table spoon of chlorophyll in a glass of cold water or ordinary water at room temperature (250ml) and drink chlorophyll drink. Store Splina Chlorophyll in a refrigerator or cool dry place after use.

GINSENG COFFEE – Pour 1 sachet of coffee-mix in a coffee cup. Add 150 ml of hot water. Stir and enjoy a perfect taste of Ginseng coffee.

RED YEAST COFFEE – Pour 1 sachet of coffee-mix in a coffee cup. Add 150 ml of hot water. Stir and enjoy a perfect taste of Red Yeast coffee.


WEEK 1 (7 days) DETOXIFICATION WEEK – Eat your normal food. Drink a cup of Red yeast coffee in the morning. Drink at least 8 glasses of chlorophyll drink daily at different intervals. 9 pm – 11 pm: 1 sachet of shakeoff phyto fiber daily before bedtime.

WEEK 2 AND WEEK 3 (14 Days) FAT BURNING WEEK – Fastest Way to lose weight is to eat less food with high calories, have a proper nutritional diet and do little fun exercise. You will eat Normal food once a day and take 4 MRT to replace your normal food. The time table goes thus: 

  • Breakfast (8AM) – 1 sachet of MRT Complex and 1 sachet of Ginseng coffee
  • Morning Tea Break (11AM) – 1 sachet of MRT Complex
  • Lunch (1.30 – 2PM) – Eat your normal food (Oil free food. Don’t over eat)
  • Afternoon Tea Break (4.30PM) – 1 sachet of MRT Complex and 1 sachet of Red yeast coffee
  • Dinner (7 – 8PM) – 1 Sachet of MRT Complex
  • Before Bedtime (9 – 11PM) – 1 sachet of shakeoff every other 2 days.

*Note – Drink at least 8 glasses of Splina Chlorophyll daily. If hungry, take one more MRT or low calorie fruits like cucumber, avocado pear, apple. Avoid high calorie fruits like pineapple and banana.


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