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Okirika (Secondhand
clothing) is often viewed as an impediment to the growth of Nigeria’s fashion
retail and garment production industry, however a little research shows that this is a booming business and has remained how a lot of Nigeria’s youth population stay dressed and sharp. Millenials are also less critical of Second hand clothes seeing it as more sustainable and environmentally friendly. A generation that stick less to material things, Okrika may actually boom in future years than it has ever boomed before.

In this article, we would
list top 5 okirika markets in Nigeria in no particular order.

1: Ajah market

Ajah market is a
secondhand market where previously owned clothes, shoes, bags and palazzo can
be gotten at affordable prices. Clothes are the cheapest you can find and
almost inexhaustible. Sturdy bags and shoes too. Other than clothes, Ajah
Market is a perfect market for household shopping as you can get bags of rice,
beans, and gallons of groundnut oil, red oil, yams and soup ingredients.

 2: Yaba

Yaba Market, situated on
Lagos Mainland, is no doubt notably known for being one of the booming
second-hand clothes market in Lagos. … Yaba market, being the hub of second
hand clothing, and also known for the sales of “Okrika”

 3: katangowa

Katangua market is where
you can get authentic second hand(used) wears and household items for jaw
dropping prices. The place is a hub of activities and your head will be in a
swirl when you see collections of good-looking things to buy. Katangua have
their market days which you need to be aware of in order to get the best
products, like clothes, kitchen utensils.

Aswani Market

 Aswani is one of the most popular second-hand
market (aka bend down select) in Lagos. Located in Isolo, Aswani market is
quite popular and brings a euphoric feeling when the name is mentioned. It is
known for its long years of attending to consumers’ needs in terms of clothing,
fabric and accessories. Wednesdays are special days

5: Idumota Market

One of the oldest and largest markets in West Africa, Idumota market with thousands of lockup shops occupying buildings in the market is known far and wide for its expansive retail and wholesale offerings Idumota Market is widely sourced for materials: high-end Ankara or lace materials, George or damask for weddings……

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