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Jobs in Nigeria are opportunities in short supply. Getting a very good job are a rarity and makes for a quality life. You can pay children school fees, feed the family, pay bill and so on.

Nigeria is a very large country, a country with over 140 million people with 36 states, each with their God-given mineral resources, great environment and cool cultures. Due to the increased rate of industrialisation, some Nigerian states or areas seems to be more populated than others.


Abuja Nigeria is a newly built city with modern amenities and facilities. The city has been made in a planned way.

Abuja is the most planned and systematically built among all Nigeria cities. The city with minimal pollution and congestion is really an extremely healthy place to work in.


Calabar is a city in the southeast of Nigeria. It is the capital of the Cross River State. Previously, the city was the ‘Old Calabar’ town and port.

The city of Calabar has the highest amount of rainfall in Nigeria, around 106 inches. Weather remains more or less the same throughout the year.


Lagos is the most popular among the Nigerian Cities and among the world’s five largest cities.

Lagos Nigeria was established as a city in the 15th century. Lagos is the main industrial and commercial center of Nigeria. Thus all the business transactions take place from Lagos.

Lagos Nigeria is very endowed with natural resources like oil, natural gas, water and fuel wood, etc making Lagos financially sound. Due to its high industrialization, it will be a good choice of working place


Port Harcourt the chief trade center of Nigeria. Port Harcourt, which is the chief among all the Nigerian ports, is considered as the business hub of the country. It is famous as the Garden city of Nigeria and also rich in crude oil.  Due to the fact that Port Harcourt is very blessed with crude oil, companies like shell, total etc have a very large presence therefore it’s one of the good places to work.


 Ibadan is an important center for trade; it is the country’s largest city by geographical area.

Some of the major industries of Ibadan include cigarette manufacturing industry, brewing industry, furniture making industry and agricultural products processing industry.

Ibadan trades in major agricultural product like cocoa, rubber, timber, palm oil and cassava.

6. Owerri

Owerri is the capital of Imo State in Nigeria, set in the heart of Igboland. It is also the state’s largest city

The Owerri is currently referred to as the entertainment capital of Nigeria because of its high density of spacious hotels.  It’s a good place to search for work if you’re into hotel hospitality and management.


Benin City is the name of a city situated in the southern part of Nigeria. The city of Benin is the center of the rubber industry of Nigeria.

The timber and Palm nuts that are produced in the nearby places are processed in the city. Carpets and furniture are also made here.

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